The Accidental Sailor

A True Story

A Harrowing Tale

A Compelling Performance

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The year was 1991. The ship was Anne Kristine. What awaited them was The Perfect Storm.

The Accidental Sailor is a one-hour storytelling performed by Nelson Simon. In it, he recounts an unlikely tale that begins with an unexpected invitation and ends in the dead of night somewhere far from home, with a

Coast Guard helicopter above and a dark, angry sea below. Along the way he considers the nature of life and death, accident and fate, and of those moments on the brink, when we feel most alive.

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"...Captivated our audiences with his harrowing tale of survival..." Mystic Seaport Museum
"[Nelson] is truly a great storyteller and had our guests...sitting on the edge of their seats." Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum
"A tour de force — [Nelson's] storytelling, ideas, and personal truth had us spellbound." New York Ship Lore & Model Club


June 5th La Grua Center Stonington, CT

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